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Twins (2): Der Verrat (German Edition)
Twins (2): Der Verrat (German Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-01
Author:Tonia Krüger
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Ohne Erinnerungen gibt es auch keine Zweifel -
Im System zurückgelassen, gibt sich Jake als sein Zwillingsbruder Rafe aus. Er schmiedet Pläne, um den Familien im Getto zu helfen. Währenddessen sind Nell, Aidan und Tobin nach ihrer Verbannung mit den Schattenseiten einer freien Gesellschaft konfrontiert und müssen sich mit Fabrikarbeit durchschlagen. Trotz aller Umstände gelingt es Nell, einer perfiden Verschwörung des Systems auf die Spur zu kommen - diese stellt ihr gesamtes Dasein infrage …
Der packende zweite Teil des psychologischen Dystopie-Thrillers

Twin Dolls: Me And My Twin Brother (English Edition)
Twin Dolls: Me And My Twin Brother (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-26
Author:Linda J. Oliver
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Oh how she hated this house. Almost as bad as the nightmares move from the one she just moved from before this one. It was going down more and more almost to the end of her life.
She thought of everything that happen to her. Especially the nosy neighbors on the whole street. They were the older people. All the uptight ones.
The neighbor right next to them was so messed up.
That woman made our life more hellish than her husband and hers put together. The word witch was a nice word compared to her attitude.
She was glad that the whole bunch of the neighbors was all dead now. Maybe in her low periods living in the saine asylum, She think of one of those times, then and maybe it would cheer her up a little.
She held her breath as long as she possibly could. She unlocked the screeching old door with her eyes close tightly. Just as tightly as she had her eyes close the stench was more powerful reaching her nose.
The past flooded to the future. Just then she held her head up high and decided to accept everything.

A Night with the Twins: Taboo Romance (English Edition)
A Night with the Twins: Taboo Romance (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-25
Author:Ava May
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Double the pleasure...


Plus, get BONUS EYE CANDY inside!

Get your Taboo Romance fix NOW with this steamy standalone Forbidden Romance between a sexy, successful BBW and her twin best friends.

I’ve been best friends with the twins forever. Tony and Matthew were there for me from the start… before we all became successful, and before they became the multi-billionaire studs that they are now.

But I see the way they look at me. They both want me, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want them too. And I’m a girl who gets what she wants…

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Tags: taboo romance, menage romance, bbw romance, contemporary romance, fun romance, provocative romance, mmf romance, mature young adult romance, billionaire steamy romance, love and romance, romance books, new adult romance

The Toddler Twins: Where Are Adia and Adira? (Melly The Pilot Book 9) (English Edition)
The Toddler Twins: Where Are Adia and Adira? (Melly The Pilot Book 9) (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-25
Author:Anita J. Moores
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Amelia, named after Amelia Earhart, the renowned pilot, is now twenty years old. She has been working very hard on her dual degrees in business and fashion design. She is home for the 4th of July holiday to visit with her extended family.
Melly (the pilot) has two toddler twin cousins (Adia and Adira) who have gone missing. Where ARE they? Melly rescues them from a most UNUSUAL place!
Their small private airport is the base for her family’s flight training school. Melly has been a “pilot in training” since she was a toddler following her grandfather, great grandfather, and mother and father around. The airplane hangar has been a second home for Melly. She knows all the good hiding places!

Between Twin Cliffs (English Edition)
Between Twin Cliffs (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-25
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Let every tale in this epic collection romance your hearts and make you smile when you read these perfect tales that depict real love. Find how two people, completely diverse come together to have a steamy sexy time and then drift apart. Every story told powerfully by award-winning authors, packed in one single collection is sure to leave you amazed and you will love the perfect beauty of these stories.
Let love rule your heart one more time as the stories will bring your fantasies to life.

TWIN(1) ReleaseDate:2014-11-07
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恋人でバイクレーサーの一也に裏切られて自殺を考えていた響は、ケンカでケガを負ったヒョオという青年と出会う。響は死にたいというヒョオの怪我の手当てをするため、自分の家に連れて帰るが…!? 影を負い、無軌道に生きていく主人公・ヒョオと純粋無垢な響の愛と葛藤の物語がここに登場!!

Books for Girls - TWINS : Book 3: The Truth (English Edition)
Books for Girls - TWINS : Book 3: The Truth (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-24
Label:KC Global Enterprises Pty Ltd
Author:Katrina Kahler
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Books for Girls 9-12: Twins Book 3, The Truth...continues the suspenseful story of Casey and Ali, the two look-alike girls who find out they are identical twins and have been separated at birth. This book is probably the most exciting and emotional one of the series so far!

What are the consequences of the girls' decision to swap places? Are they forced to reveal the truth and what are the repercussions if they do? And what is the result when both girls develop a crush on Jake Hanley, the best looking boy in their grade? You will find out the answers to all of these questions and be captivated from start to finish.

This is another fabulous book for girls and for anyone who enjoys a suspenseful action-packed read, complete with friendship issues, sibling rivalry, boy crushes and lots, lots more! A great story for 9 - 12 year old girls!

The Open Book (The Twins Trilogy 3) (English Edition)
The Open Book (The Twins Trilogy 3) (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-24
Label:FattyBabyCat Publishing and H.E. Hutsell
Author:Heather E Hutsell
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The final installation to the Twins Trilogy is here! Join Aubrey and Audrey, Seamus and Ianto, Bonnie and Beau, Gabriel and Georgina as they return to the Labyrinth. This time, they are not alone…Perhaps they never were.

The First Day Of School: Me and My Twin Brother (English Edition)
The First Day Of School: Me and My Twin Brother (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-02-22
Author:Linda Oliver
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We're about five years old and going to school kindergarten the first day of school we had to go by ourselves.
My brother was not afraid at least he didn't seem to be afraid or nothing like that. He had a stern looking face. His mouth slanted sternly and not even a small smirk of a smile.
The days when we walked together Mama, Leonard, and myself I wasn't sure if we could do it by the time school began a month away.
Well when Mama asked Leonard, "Well honey, do you think you and your sister can make it here Ok on your own. It's really not far and if you only go this way and remember the street signs and the main points."
"Yes, momma sure I can find it ok. Harmer School the big building I got it Momma" He said as if it was all settled.
Me looking scared he the strong courageous stern face. We get there in plenty of time we stand up and we knock on the big giant gigantic heavy doors.

The Twins (Epitaph)
The Twins (Epitaph) ReleaseDate:2017-04-04
Author:Karla Brandenburg
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Although she vowed never to go back, nurse Siobhan McCormick returns home after two family members have died and her brother’s life is threatened. Her new job introduces her to accident victim Jared Pierce, a man whose casual charm tempts her with the same bad decisions she made in high school.

Haunted houses don’t sell, and Jared Pierce’s family sends him from Louisiana to Illinois to make sure there aren’t any ghosts lingering in his great-aunt’s house. An accident on an icy road extends his visit from a few days to a few months.

Though the house is ghost-free when Jared arrives, a violent ice storm breaks apart a tree and releases the spirits of twin boys who were buried in the backyard. Temporarily disabled by his injuries, Jared needs his nurse’s help to give the ghosts peace. There’s only one problem. Siobhan doesn’t believe in ghosts. Will Jared earn her trust and affection or will Siobhan retreat into the safety of her job?

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