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Louise (Cane Book 1) (English Edition)
Louise (Cane Book 1) (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-26
Author:C J Marks
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What delights await Louise's husband in the whipping room?

Annabel (Cane Book 2) (English Edition)
Annabel (Cane Book 2) (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-26
Author:C J Marks
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Annabel is a committed sadist. What is new lover Anders prepared to endure in order to make love to her?

Paranormal Romance: Vampire Forbidden Romance and Werewolf Thirst (English Edition)
Paranormal Romance: Vampire Forbidden Romance and Werewolf Thirst (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-26
Author:Michael Cane
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A Gripping Paranormal Romance Trilogy Filled With Mystery, Suspense And Thrill! Untold Truths. Bound To One, Love Another. The Blood Moon, Its Beginnings And Beliefs, Harken Back To The Days Of The Druids!

The Blood Moon, its beginnings and beliefs, harken back to the days of the Druids. Filled with mystery and untold truths. The Tetrad of full moons give power to the emotions. Love is deeper than ever, burning at a fever pitch. Hate burns hotter than the fires of Hades, the raw molten emotion throbs through the veins, unquenched. Zara is bound to one; but, loves another. Darian, her protector and savior, takes her love into his very soul.
As the Tetrad progresses, one blood moon builds on the one before, forever changing and shifting those caught in the blood red glow. What will the next one bring? Death? Perhaps at the hands of a man transformed into something no one can contain; not even the man himself! Or will love; that eternal hope even the beasts seeks morph into something none of them expected.

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The third blood moon of the tetrad was beginning to slowly fade, its sanguine light casting the silhouette of a bare oak tree against the thick old panes the window. It was like looking at a Halloween cutout, a caricature of what really was; and with the passage of enough time, what it would be again.

In Zara’s 218 years of existence, she had never experienced a tetrad; which is a group of four blood moons. In fact, there had been none; the first couple of hundred years had been more like a dress rehearsal for a play, she supposed. A full moon every month, with its required transformation, was merely learning how to live in her altered state for a few short hours. Preparing her, perhaps, for the four lunar eclipses—one every six months over the course of two years—which built one upon the other, like steps on a staircase.

She never really recovered fully, or she felt like she didn’t, from one blood moon before the next one came along. Even in her human state, she felt itchy and not exactly herself. Her pale skin felt as if there were ants skittering along every inch of her body and her dark colored hair was always in disarray. The long locks had a mind of their own, even in her human form. It was much worse during the transformation since her entire body became covered in shaggy black fluff.

There were times when her blue eyes felt as if they burned with a fever from within, as though her soul burned for—some unnamed thing she couldn’t quite put her finger on; but, her psyche knew, and wanted her eyes to gaze upon it firsthand.

The red glow lessened and the outline of the window appeared, at last. She forced her body from where it lay on the mound of animal pelts which served as a rug before the fireplace in her quarters assigned to her by the clan. She felt her joints complain as they resumed her normal human like shape. She heard, rather than felt, the ligaments and tendons realign themselves so she could stand upright, rather than all fours. She wasn’t sure that a twenty something year old human female should ever feel like she did at this particular moment, with every muscle fiber screaming in protest; but so it was.

As the leader of Zara’s clan, Maverick decreed they all be locked inside during the blood moons of the tetrad.

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360 Grad - Salma, ich und Black Sugar King Cane
360 Grad - Salma, ich und Black Sugar King Cane ReleaseDate:2017-03-23
Label:Saga Egmont
Author:Karen Fastrup
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"Ich atmete schwer, noch nie zuvor hatte ich so viel Schönheit gesehen; so eine überwältigende Schönheit. Aufrecht und stolz stand sie zwischen uns. Ich stand vor ihr und blickte an ihren Brüsten hinab, über ihren Bauch mit den schwachen Schatten rund um die Muskeln, über die Vertiefung, in der ihr Nabel lag, über die sanfte Andeutung ihres Hüftknochens, die langen, kräftigen Oberschenkel und über das schwarze, krause Haar.
Hinter Salma war Cane und ich konnte seinen Gesichtsausdruck sehen: Benommen, fasziniert, verwirrt von der unbändigen Weiblichkeit. Ich hatte noch vor mir, was er schon sah. Sein Mund war leicht geöffnet und die Augenbrauen erhoben sich in vollkommener Ergebung."

Erst lernt er Salma kennen, dann Cane. Doch die beiden kennen sich schon. Am Strand von Tansania entwickelt sich eine aufregende Dreiecksgeschichte...

Wishing for a Watchdog (English Edition)
Wishing for a Watchdog (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-25
Author:Scott Canis
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A young boy wishes for a watchdog to keep him safe from the scary noises in the yard by his house. Sometimes when he looks out the window he can even see his watchdog sitting there. Will he ever get his protector? (Landscape mode, two side-by-side pages per screen. 16 single-side pages. 8 double page spreads.

Eglantine (Italian Edition)
Eglantine (Italian Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-25
Author:Jean Giraudoux
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Eglantine preferisce gli uomini maturi. Cuore e ragione si dividono tra l'aristocratico Fontranges e l'uomo d'affari Moïse...

For The Love Of The Whip: Off The Plane, Then He Takes The Cane (English Edition)
For The Love Of The Whip: Off The Plane, Then He Takes The Cane (English Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-22
Author:Brogan Wells
Price:    UsedPrice:
Flora is coming home to Bernard after several months away, and all either of them can think about is the long, hard spanking she is going to administer to him as soon as she steps through the door. Bernard’s submission to his mistress is absolute and even though she doesn’t have anything particular to punish him for she is still going to take him over her knee before having him kneel for the cane and the whip and afterwards taking him to their mutual orgasm as a means of demonstrating her total possession of him.
7000 Words

BOOK: un cane verde Tiffany (Italian Edition)
BOOK: un cane verde Tiffany (Italian Edition) ReleaseDate:2017-03-23
Author:Spicy Pepper
Price:    UsedPrice:
Maddalena ha rinunciato all’idea di aprirsi agli affetti.
Un tradimento legato al suo passato avvolge nell’ombra
ogni possibile concessione d’amore.
L’amica Sofia, nonostante i problemi coniugali, le sta vicino
nel tentativo di risvegliare in lei quelle emozioni che da tempo
ha lasciato assopire.
Un incontro inatteso con un cane affettuoso apre una breccia
nel cuore di Maddalena che, senza rendersene conto,
si ritrova coinvolta in un legame passionale travolgente.
Il passato, però, non ha mai smesso di rincorrerla
e quando riesce a raggiungerla
tutto ciò che credeva certo si sgretola inesorabilmente.

website: http://www.spicypepper.it

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/SpicyWriterOf
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SpicyWriterOf
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/spicywriterof

CANIS THE SPEAKER #1 (EDGE COMIX) ReleaseDate:2017-01-28
Price:¥ 734    UsedPrice:¥ 367

Canis Latrans タクティクル グローブ M-PACT タイプ サバゲー メカニクス 装備 (XL, CP)
Canis Latrans タクティクル グローブ M-PACT タイプ サバゲー メカニクス 装備 (XL, CP) ReleaseDate:
Label:Canis Latran
Price:¥ 2,330    UsedPrice:

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